On the Radio

I was on the radio this mourning on Bob and the Showgram playing a game called  Wheel of..I was partnered with Kristin and was about to win when she accidently said the word that I was trying to guess.The phrase was “bad idea”So close yet so far away.

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A day off

Today I have a day off work and my plans are to watch some DVR and spend time with my wife and youngest son ,Draven,who made a new friend with a 2 year old yesterday.The boy walked into our yard and started playing with my son’s toys.The father and I were talking across the street and the boy just wanted to play.My dog started barking so my wife opened the door and saw the boy and then my kids came out and the all played for about half an hour.I’m glad he made a new friend.

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Attack of the bird,slowly falling

We had a bit of excitment yesterday.First off we all went walking as a family and then we decided that we would try to teach our son how to ride a bike with out training wheels.He did well except for the fact that if he started to fall  he jumps off the bike so he could land on his feet.We tol.d him that if he kept jumping off that we would stop and that he needed to try and balance it.So,he tried and he crashed straight on his face one time.Overall he did good.

After we returned home,I was on the computer when my wife pointed out that our dog was sniffing around an old chimney that was sealed.We stopped and listened and we heard what sounded like a bird that was stuck.So we grab a box and planned on catching it.I popped the seal off and my wife stuck a pencil in the hole because the bird was not moving.The bird was just sitting there ,so my wife starts to slide the bird toward the box when the bird takes flight through the house.My dog starts chasing it and the bird stops .I was able to rub it until it flies into a wall and knocks the sense out of it.I pick him up and carry him outside set some food in front of him and return with water when it takes off.So yesterday was a fun day!

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Game Results

Well,I’m back with the results of the game and I’m sorry to say we lost by 14 points.However we played with good sportmanship unlike the team we played.The other team were twice my teams size and I feel there were some calls that wasn’t called.Anyway there is always next season and I hope the other coaches learn that we are out there to teach the kids the right way to play the game.

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Last game today

Today is the last game of our season until the fall.l My Cowboys are 2-3-2 and we play the Cardinals.We have yet to beat them ,but I think we can do it today.Really going to miss coaching,but I have had fun .I will update the score when we get back,Wish us luck!

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soooo tired

with my wife being sick,I ‘m trying to let my wife sleep in and my youngest son wants to wake up every morning this week he wakes up around 5 am.So as we speak I’m exhausted.My oldest son has been running a fever for 4 days now.He feels the worst around night time.He missed football practice yesterday and his teammates asked about him which is nice to know that they missed him.Oh well ,need to get ready for work.

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Tonight Aaron Kelly was voted off .Micheal Lynch and Aaron Kelly were the bottom two.Surprising everyone was  Casey James was safe.Hopefully Aaron will be heard for years to come.Goodbye Aaron.

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